Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chris Hedges: Huffington’s Plunder - Huffington, like her contributors had choices... she chose greed over ideals. Surprised?

Any business owner who uses largely unpaid labor, with a handful of underpaid, nonunion employees, to build a company that is sold for a few hundred million dollars, no matter how he or she is introduced to you on the television screen, is not a liberal or a progressive.

This is a wonderful takedown of the idiocy that was the Huffington post sale. You should read it all.

"... is not a liberal or a progressive."

Well, no... actually she was showing the exact traits of the liberals and 'progressives' that I see everyday. She spoke about all the little people and kept the big pot to herself.

You know, kinda like actors and directors and sports players and NYT Financial columnists who spew forth a disdain for capitalisim while exploiting every possible nook and cranny for ways to EXPLOIT capitalism.

To hear an actor mumble on about the horrors of capitalism makes one who actually knows what capitalism is nearly want to puke.

A movie is made with other people's money... invested in a project with an expected return of more than what was invested. Capitalism. To listen to the blusterings of these idiots reminds me of the guys on the corners in NY... trying to hoodwink the tourists with sleight of hand tricks. They will continue to make astronomical earnings while at the same time 'hatin' on the rich people and specially them Republitards...' Yeah. We call the suckers rubes.

Huffingtons supporters say the people who were contributing did so by choice. Yes, they did.

But like the suckers on the street, they were unaware of what the game really was. The contributors thought they were 'making a difference' and 'helpin' right the injustices...'

NOPE... the rubes were building an empire for the head bitch what is... and she knew it.

Here's a choice she could have made:

"wow... 115 Million dollars.

I am going to take 100M of that and get it shared between all the contributors and my staff. I would be happy to only get nearly 215 million."

But she did not choose that choice. That could have netted her contributors a nice little windfall.

But she did not choose that choice. That would have been the decent thing to do.

But she did not choose that choice.

Just as her pals in the movie industry never share their wealth with the people who work for them. Bigtimeasswipe actor makes 10Million for a move. Grip makes $25k for same movie. Bigtimeasswipe actor ever offer to share some of the proceeds... EVEN IF THE MOVIE DOES $300M and the bigtimeasswipe actor makes an additional $30M...

Have you ever heard of it happening? Have you ever heard of a grip getting a check in the mail because the movie made more than expected?

NO. Neither have I.

So don't complain to me that this behavior is not liberal or progressive, sir. I have seen some of your most ardent liberal and progressives doing the exact thing. For decades.

As for disowning the bitch... she left the conservative side to play with you liberals for a reason.

315 Million of them.

We don't want her back. You can keep her and the bigtimeasswipe actors too.

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