Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Fashion Tied to Art, or Art to Fashion? Does what one wears control our aesthetic, or is it derived from it?

Might certain less popular musical styles be less popular because they have no parallel in the appearance-obsessed world, specifically in the garments we see every day on the people we share the planet with, as well as what we wear ourselves? While there are clearly outfits that connote punk rock, heavy-metal, hop-hop, or country-western, there is no adequate analog for so-called post-classical music or even contemporary jazz. What items of clothing would you associate with integral serialism, total free improvisation, microtonality, indeterminacy? Minimalism caught on in popular culture more than most score-based music of the past half century. Might that be because minimalism can translate into a clothing style—monochrome or hypnotically patterned?

Interesting post on music and fashion.

Change out music for photography, and there may be something there.

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