Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Portfolio Interview with Claudia Monaco: (Wonderful insight from a professional photographer rep))

There will always be great value in printed portfolios until the day we no longer have print. The quality of a portfolio, what a portfolio is, has changed. The better you are, the more attention you pay to detail, has become more important over time. The choice of paper, how the paper falls in a portfolio, all of these things add value to the portfolio. We use a very thin paper, so that the pages in the portfolio fall like the pages in a magazine. For a while everyone was showing prints without acetate and it was beautiful, fresh and new. There are double sided pages that fold or you’d print on both sides of the paper. I got really tired of that because it was impossible to change things around with any kind of speed, and the name of the game here is speed. You have to be able to do things as quickly as possible. So we reintroduced acetate pages back into our portfolios. The turn around time for new work can be as little as one day. I have to say I feel much better about our books now.

Being able to change it up is very very important.

And if someone doesn't hire you because you have plastic sleeves...? Well, fuck that idiot... who the hell would want to work with a prima-donna asswipe that can't see the images as what they are because they are in 'plastic sleeves"...


Creative? My ass.

If the work is good, it will be seen.

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