Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Free Content Is Killing Media (And Advertising) | Six Pixels of Separation discusses a very real challenge to the 'new economy' of free

If people (this includes you) don't start paying for content, we will see a lot of key media outlets go away... and this includes the digital ones.

I am not a big fan of the 'content wants to be free' way of thinking. Content must be available. And that availability means someone has to work to make it so.

Value is real. There is good content and bad content and crap and genius and all in between. And if they are all 'free' what will we be able use as a discerning metric? Is something a teenager living in the basement says as important - or worth listening to - as someone who may be an expert in the subject?


But not likely.

Becoming an expert takes time and commitment and energy and support. Financial support. Money.


My ass.

Nothing is free. Some just defer payment for long periods of time. But at some point there will be a bill coming due.

Those usually end up with the words... "Well, it's been a good run, but we are announcing the end of..."

Ya know.

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