Monday, April 18, 2011

Radical Graffiti Chic : or as I refer to it: Crap.

Even this two-facedness pales beside the hypocrisy of the graffiti vandals themselves, who wage war on property rights until presented with the opportunity to sell their work or license it to a corporation. At that point, they grab all the profits they can stuff into their bank accounts. Lost in this antibourgeois posturing is the likely result of the museum’s graffiti glorification: a renewed commitment to graffiti by Los Angeles’s ghetto youth, who will learn that the city’s power class views graffiti not as a crime but as art worthy of curation. The victims will be the law-abiding residents of the city’s most graffiti-afflicted neighborhoods and, for those who care, the vandals themselves.

It just ain't art. It is commerce and property rights and bullshit.

And, of course, Benjamins... whole piles of fk'n Benjamins.

To taunt the hypocrisy is to shoot fish in a barrel.

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