Monday, April 04, 2011

Why Cartels and Over Regulation is a Bad Idea - Especially for Photographers. Inerior Design Licensing? Really?

One designer claimed that allowing just anyone to practice interior design would contribute to 88,000 deaths annually because of poor fabric selection.

What happens is that the base medium becomes the expected. I don't want regulation for photography, or licensing, or some sort of 'accreditation' for what we do. It LOWERS the innovation, and creates more of a barrier of entry for young photographers.

In all things protected, the quality is terrible, and the customer service atrocious. Competition means innovation, and risk. And people who risk their reputations do better work.

I don't ever want to say that someone should not be a photographer for any reason (other than safety or protection from a perv). And I certainly do not want a 'body' of so-called 'experts' deciding whether I am qualified or not.

Pure protectionist bunk from people who are too scared and possibly incompetent to actually have to compete in the marketplace with those who have new and different ideas.

Confidence does not require protectionism.

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