Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B&H does a 'tongue in cheek' post on hipsters. Hipsters respond by showing that hipsterisim and stupid are linked genetically.

This fanatacism towards using only these cameras and film goes as far as also refusing to use apps on a smart device or digital camera that can mimic these looks.

You gotta get to the sanctimonious, self indulgent, wimp-ass, pussyboy comments - you really do.

"WaaWAa... you attacked me."
"I'm being judged... waawaa..."
"So much hate, so much hate..."

I love film, I laughed at the article.
Hell - it was funny and written totally in a humorous way.

They 'love' film, and were highly offended.

I hate highly offended people... they offend me.


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