Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Dutch Pave the Way for Looser Copyright Laws" - Don't matter none to me. You made it, I want it. So Shut UP!

Much to the displeasure of the wider EU, the Dutch want to liberalize their copyright laws to explicitly allow remixes and mashups. The irony is that their inspiration is not political movements like Sweden's Pirate Party, but America's laws about fair use.

See- that's the thing.

People think that just because they made somethin' that no body else can take it and use it. That's stupid.

You think just cause you went to school and spent all those hours learning to play your instrument and composing them hundreds of little tunes that your shit is yours... FOOL.

If I wants your shit, I takes your shit. You ain't got nothing to say about it. I'll remix it and mash it up and make all kinds of shit out of it and it is MINE. I'm proud that I didn't waste no time learnin' like you did, fool, I just takes what I wants.

Cause I have a right to your shit. I want it, I take it - that's my RIGHT!

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