Friday, February 17, 2012

What we are up against... the disease of CC continues to destroy the brain cells of "editors?" Stupidiousness!

Our industry therefore adopts the stance that if a picture has no overwhelming artistic value and if there is no issue of exclusivity (ie it is already being published online or elsewhere) then no reasonable copyright owner will object to its being republished in exchange for a reasonable licence fee. The only alternative to such a stance is not to publish pictures at all unless they come from a commercial library, the available range of which will inevitably be inadequate.

Via A Photo Editor

I would submit that this sort of unadulterated bullshit is blow-back from the "culture of free" crappola and the insidious destructive forces of CC and all the lunacy it provides the art world's 99%.

But then, that is just me.

I don't go to no joornulist skoul.

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