Friday, May 04, 2012

Copyright Watch: The Liability-Proof World of Pinterest

<blockquote class='posterous_short_quote'>The copyright infringement hazards created by Pinterest have been the subject of much media attention, but the company actually sits on the same safe, secure legal ground that other user-generated social media sites occupy. Like Twitpic and Tumblr, for instance, Pinterest puts all legal risk squarely in the lap of its users, while reaping the rewards of their free labor, the free content they upload and their growing appeal to potential advertisers.</blockquote>

Ahhh... the web 2.03.0998 model also known as "I just sold my blog where YOU all wrote the content for" model... also known as the "HuffingtonCharade" business model.

I KNOW I am losing out on all the Pinterest fun, but this is a pretty serious issue that may have some serious ramifications down the road.

For some unlucky mom who was pinning her heart away...

Remember the grandmother who owed a million bucks to the RIAA cause her grandkids downloaded some music on her computer...

I do.

The users of Pinterest don't.

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