Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Now Die, Die, Die, Die, Die!*" Not happy with the publishing business... heh

For instance, how many of you, as readers, are aware that publishers think books are bananas?  Okay, maybe not bananas, but some other, fragile, quickly-expiring, short-sell-by-date produce?  Probably not many of you.  Heck, I didn’t when I was just a reader.  (Though it was a little different then, too, because the particular inventory tax laws that killed back list hadn’t come into existence yet.)  Most books these days have a an expiration date of just a few weeks.  When you have a traditionally published book, you have to start promoting MONTHS before it is even available because that influences how much it will be available, which influences how many will be bought in the first weeks they are on the shelf.  After that, they are removed from the shelves (if they ever got on the shelves at all) and replaced with other books.  This never made sense to me, but now it does.

 If books are fungible, why would you want to read a book that’s older than a few weeks?  If any book is much like another, all that counts is that the book is new and shiny and on the shelf, right?

Well, she does have a good rant.

I'll trade my shot of a bicycle taken with my iPhone for an original Weston if anyone is interested.

One photograph is the same as any other photograph according to this Lipskar fellow. And he is a big mucky muck in the book business?


Damn... that gives me a lot of confidence in the book business. This guy is a moron, with two r's.

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