Monday, May 14, 2012

"Finding the Needle (Part I) | Guy Tal Photography Journal" You MUST read this...

There are two ways to obtain a trophy. One is to perform a notable act worthy of reward; and the other is to go to the trophy store. The increased popularity of photography, and especially photography of natural subjects, has indeed given rise to a thriving industry of “trophy stores;” that is, products and services specializing in making sure you go home with a great image, guaranteed to impress, requiring some investment of time, money and effort, but not necessarily imagination or emotion or originality.


Too damn many trophy stores, too damn many trophy salesmen, too many people for whom the trophy is the only thing.

Cheating for the trophy is really cheating ones self of ever having won a trophy. Hard won battles remain with you, the ones that fell easily don't even leave a mark.

I prefer the scars and bruises, thanks.

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