Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shanna for Catalog Shoot, 1990

She was 4. I needed to do a test for a catalog assignment so we went shopping. I think it was around the time Banana Republic started carrying kids clothes. I paid a fortune for this outfit, which was fine. She loved it, and it was rolled into the catalog fee for the test anyway.

Nikon F3, 180MM 2.8 lens at 1/80 / f4 in the late aftenoon shade. Ektachrome 100 film shot at ISO 80, pushed 1/4 stop in development.

Light was ambient mixed with a tiny wink of strobe from on camera. A Vivitar 283 was dialed to the lowest setting possible. On the meter it added .2 (point 2) exposure. Not much light, but just enough to pop the color and skin tones.

Tested on Polaroid back on the F3 with Polaroid 100.

This is my daughter who is nearly 25 this year.

Yeah... on camera flash was one of my 'tricks' I used to pop the colors and open the skin tones... so sue me.


(Scanned from a print.)

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