Thursday, May 17, 2012

"The Strange Afterlife of Common Objects" : One persons junk is another persons treasure... and art!

This is no mere shop. It’s clear at once that you’ve entered the cavern of a collector of gargantuan, if not uncontrollable, curatorial appetites who has fashioned a bombastically seductive retail environment that is also a private museum and lair. It’s a deep, narrow space organized as a sequence of themed chambers. There are packages, bottles, boxes, toys, lights, pictures, gadgets, gas masks and clocks, printed ephemera by the truckload, crazily overstocked side rooms devoted to bathroom and kitchen wares, and somewhere far away at the back, beyond the vintage porn pictures and the life-sized anatomical model with removable organs, is a retro clothing room and possibly even other wondrous departments that I never reached.

I have an affinity to this sort of thing. My office contains a lot of toys and artifacts from the world of trinkets... including a tiny green dinosaur that moves from shelf to shelf seemingly by itself.... hmmmm.....

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