Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Mom Arrested for Cheering at Graduation" Sure- Rules don't apply to those who don't want them to, right?

Shannon Cooper knew cheering was supposedly forbidden at South Florence High School's graduation ceremony,

I like the part in the quote where the NOOSPaper says "...was supposedly...". Really?

Actually, they are either the rules or not the rules. There is no supposedly. That is stupid.

I guess it is asking too much to think that someone at the fkn newspaper would actually find out if there was a no-cheering rule in effect or not!

Cmon, people. Is it a rule or not? Could there be any reason that it is a rule and that they are so emphatic about not having people shout out?

And if it is NOT a rule, then she should sue the school, sue the cops, sue the city, sue the prinicipal, sue the schooboard. Sue them out of existence.

But then this:
"...because other people was cheering, and they didn't lock them up," Iesha says.

Other people 'was' cheering?

And she graduated...

Sue the school anyway, they obviously committed fraud by handing a diploma to someone who doesn't have a clue how to speak. That whole 'was' / 'were' thing is pretty much grade school. And no one tried to help this girl learn how to speak?

Or they simply didn't care.

Either way, it is an American tragedy all the way around.

A mom who doesn't have any respect for the people around her, the rules, the school, her kid's classmates... nothing. Just a self-serving arrogance that says "I'm gonna do what I wanna do."

Great learning experience for her kid.

Whatever happened to shame?

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Kevin Bair said...

Don- This story has been all over the local news here in South Carolina. They interviewed this woman and she acknowledged that she knew about the no cheering rule ahead of time. Guess she figured the rules didn't apply to her. I applaud (but not at graduation) the school and the police for enforcing a rule that in years gone by was just plain common courtesy and politeness in public.