Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In order to prove that they are not all thugs, the Evansville cops prove they are all thugs... WTF?

When members of the Midwest town’s SWAT team plotted their raid on the alleged home of the person behind some unpleasant remarks published on an Internet forum, they invited a local television crew to accompany them so that they could catch the whole thing on camera. Instead of arresting the author of the ill-tempered posts, however, the Evansville SWAT ravaged the home of an elderly woman and confiscated her 18-year-old granddaughter’s laptop.

The SWAT team did not have the name of who they were going after. They barely even had an identity. What they did have to work with, though, was the IP address of a person who logged onto the Web forums and made discouraging remarks about local law enforcement.


Doncha just love how they will not admit that they made a terrible mistake?

Doncha just love how they got the media to go along to tape how inconceivably ignorant of the law and how totally incompetent they are?

Double down on the ignorance:
"“We have an idea in our mind who it is, but we don’t have evidence yet,” Bolin explains to the Courier.

Even still, the department says that the hunch was enough to throw two flash-bang stun grenades into the front window of Ira Milan’s home. The Courier Press reports that the front door was open at the time of the incident."

Great work, guys.

You destroyed an innocent person's home in order to make a point... and what point did you want to make?

That you are incompetent, stupid or just don't care about anyone else's rights?

Points made.

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