Friday, June 01, 2012

"blogging is dead? according to whom?" I so agree. The sound of bullshit is becoming disastrously loud

Of course, you rea­lize this is all crap.

So whether the now-famous Mark Zuc­ker­berg sells Face­book for $15billion or $5billion [or something much less, fancy that], the fact remains, we all have our own lives to get on with, our own bills to pay. And that means inte­rac­ting in the adult world of com­merce somehow. Ever­yone has to get paid.

And it’s much easier to do the lat­ter if one is good at buil­ding one’s own per­so­nal brand, inde­pen­dent of one’s job title.

Ask yourself if doing stuff for you is better than doing stuff for them?

I know where I come down.

Do you?

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