Friday, June 08, 2012

"The life of a 'booth babe': high heels, long hours and leering visitors" Brutal job forces scantily clad women to smile and wave.

On average, Computex models make $100 to $170 for about 8 hours of work, she said, while models at other shows can make as little as $60. Lee decided to model at Computex for the money, after working in the modeling industry part-time for four years, in music videos and commercials. This year's show will be her last, because she's taking a job as a product manager at a biotech company that produces cosmetics and health products.

"It takes a lot of energy, because you stand for a long time," she said. During her eight hour day, Lee stands for 30 minutes holding a product, then takes a 10-minute rest and repeats the process. "You have to look happy all day and smile, but it's not that easy," she said. "It gets very tiring."

MY GOD... the horror of it all.

Say - is there a convention coming to Phoenix? I want to, er, document... yeah, document this travesty myself. You know... for posterity.

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