Monday, June 11, 2012

"Why Melissa Stetten Comes Off Like The Jerk" I'm going with "Because She's a Jerk."

Stetten, on the other hand, proved that she completely lacks empathy, and that she has no grasp of both the seriousness of addiction and the powerful tool that is Twitter. And all because what? Because this man had the audacity to (maybe) flirt with her a little bit while killing time on a long flight.

Bottom line is I don’t think Presely deserved to be humiliated like that in public. He did not deserve to be called an adulterer and he certainly did not deserve to be mocked for having a few beers—whether or not he is an alcoholic.

I think in Stetten’s heart she knew what she did was wrong, considering her last tweet was, “Did I just ruin Brian Presley’s life via twitter?” And I think she owes him a public apology. But after her display of middle school-level maturity, I highly doubt she’s woman enough to admit it.

Pompous arrogant twit is far too kind.

And before someone says I am getting all 'political' and preaching hate, go get a clue. This was a terrible, one sided conversation with no backup, no corraboration... just some girl getting her undeserved moments of fame working to destroy a guy - without really any reason.

As observed - he never even asked for her number.

Who would want it. #IdratherdateMadonna

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