Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cops and Cameras... the war on photography marches on. I thought they were supposed to follow the law?

<blockquote class='posterous_short_quote'>Mayor Fetterman said he watched the tape several times and found it "troubling.</blockquote>

"The video shows Officer Lukart walk a handcuffed Mr. Krug to his cruiser, where the two stand for a moment, apparently exchanging words.

At that point, Officer Lukart delivers a right to Mr. Krug's body, then grabs his head with his left hand and delivers another quick right to the face as he pushes him into the car."

So we are asked not to rush to judgement... OK. List for me the possible 'reasons' that would allow a cop to punch a guy in handcuffs? C'mon... the Mayor is 'troubled' and they have opened an 'investigation' into the video tape showing a cop punching a man with his handcuffed hands behind his back.

I got yer reason right here... the cop didn't know he was being video taped. Otherwise he would have taken the camera from the videographer.

How do I know that?

Because chuckles has done it before.

Yep - same cop, same MO. Act thuggish while committing crimes.

So why is this goon still on the force? Maybe after the lawsuit he will be left penniless and broken and begging for handouts.

One can only hope.

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