Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Story Ideas for Nielsen’s New Women Photographer Magazine | Jasmine DeFoore" WooHoo - more balkanization of photographers!

All that said, wouldn’t all of these stories be great to see in a regular issue of Photo District News? (In fact, the most recent issue of PDN does include a story on work life balance!) Which begs the question, “Why even have a separate magazine for women photographers?” I would love to see the market research and business plan that went into this launch. Obviously they crunched the numbers and saw a business opportunity. But who exactly is the target audience?

I want to throw up a little when I hear about this crap.

Photography is photography. We have so much balkanization in this industry that it makes me wonder if we can survive.

This tribe and that tribe and those 'others' who all have different problems, and must be dealt with differently. They are 'they' and they are a new 'class' of photographers.

What a load of hooey.

And when we forget that we are ALL in this together, and start letting people OUTSIDE of what we do (publishers, editors, recently graduated 'media' twerps) start to break it apart and create racial/gender/ageist/geographical/genre classes, we will all lose.


And to the question of how to get more women into photography... where is the gate keeping them out? Outcomes do not necessarily mean obstructions. Women have the same abilities as men to make outstanding images. Many of my favorite photographers are women, and they are doing fine.

But portraying them as poor, lost, ineffectual little fluff-bunnies doesn't elevate them, it hurts them.


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