Friday, July 20, 2012

"Finally, Lady Photojournalists Get Their Own Photo Ladymag Full of Lady Stereotypes" - Astounding Drek for "ChickTogs"

"If you love to snap photos, chances are you're pretty creative and artsy about the rest of your world too," writes Pix's Editor-in-Chief. "It's important to you that your business is modern and cool, you've always got an eye out for hip clothing and accessories, and looking professional and shooting well are top priorities." That might be true. But it's disappointing that a magazine promising "tips, ideas and trend reports for women in photography" — especially one that's part of the Nielson Photo Group, which publishes respected photo magazines such as Rangefinder and AfterCapture — doesn't go very far beyond weddings, babies and accessory after (green) accessory.

Even worse than I had imagined, this POS rag is nearly beyond redemption.

I have had a feeling the women's movement was dead... this confirms it. A quick perusal finds 'lady editors' writing this drivel for 'lady photographers'....

What's next"

"How to make photographs while fetching beers for your babydaddy?"

"Six higher than high heels that can help you tower above - whether in the field or in the bedroom"

"Ten ways to make that editor fall madly in love with you"

"Breaking Taboos with ISO's and your Lip Gloss colors"

Thanks girls, you further trivialize the business.

Now be a dear, won't you, and wash my car...

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