Friday, July 20, 2012

On Entitlement Thinking and the Work of Photographers... No one gets a free pass...

If you’re sitting around and thinking than any photographer’s work is beyond reproach, then you need to re-examine your head and learn some critical thinking skills!  

And no one deserves one.

If that happened, there would be no innovation, no "young blood", no movement, no astounding hits or megaflops...

C'mon folks... everyone must continue to astound and innovate, or they get left behind.

Add to that the reality that no one creates work that EVERYONE loves, and the rest just falls into place.

Great work is simply what has been bestowed upon as 'great work'.

I know a very big Hollywood actor who had to get some new headshots so he could audition for a role... and this guy was a BIG name.

Life is a bitch... but even more of a bitch if you feel entitled to anything, or anyone. Whether for you, or for someone else.

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