Saturday, July 07, 2012

Would We Have Known These Were The Best Moments of Our Lives? : Thoughts for the weekend...

I wish I had known her when she drove her white Mustang convertible, golden blonde hair waving in the wind, signature neck scarf tied just right. I wish I had known the woman that winked at sailors, sipped on Brandy, breezily splashed paint on canvases, and entertained guests with salami sandwiches made with fresh cut Italian bread.

I didn’t know that woman. But I do see playful glimpses of that woman everyday, in everything I do.

Yet I wonder–

Did she know those would be some of the best moments of her life?

Are we living the best years of our lives?

Do we know?

Can we find them again if we lost them?

I sure hope so... I really do.

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