Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Actual REAL photographer tries to point out that it is not easy to excel - gets yelled at by wannabe with no clue!

Or. How about I point out the difficulties you are about to face. I might bring a few things to the table you haven’t thought about yet. Maybe what I’m doing is trying to save you several years and several thousand dollars of frustration. Look back at my cynical posts. Am I just being an asshole or am I trying to help?

Keep it simple. Keep it focused. Work on this. this. and this. Don’t get too carried away or it will be too soon and too fast and you’ll fail. Honestly look at your situation. Are you prepared for this, this, and this? That lens isn’t going to help you right now because you can have this lens over here for $1,700 less money and still get the job done. Spending your money in this direction will hurt you. Instead spend less here and do this or that to grow as a photographer. You’re putting too much time into photographs that aren’t going to further your career for the region of the world you live in. Take a look at this kind of thing over here and translate what you like about that you are doing and make it work over here instead.

Zack, Zack, Zack.


We know that photography is easy. Hell, Ashton Kutcher is a photographer and everyone knows he is about as dumb as a stump.

It's easy. Get a 'system' - spray and pray - and voila... photographic nirvana!

Now, if you happen to be perky, you can even get away with doing totally mediocre pix as long as your social media cred is up and you are like totally awesome and rocking it with like epic shoots of like brides and stuff and like it is all so awesomely epic... like...

So giving people a dash of reality... a smack on the ass with the admonition that it is gonna be tough... that hurts, man.

They wanna think that shooting 5'2" chicks with silicone boobs is fashion. They wanna think that lingerie shots with a hand boobs is fashion.

Who are you to tell them no?

There is a dis-service out there buddy, and its you.

Trying to induce some reality, some gut checking, some honest to goodness advice from working pro... Information that will actually HELP them get a clue as to the nature of this (and, WTF... nearly ANY business) so as to save them heartache and bankruptcy? Real world info from the trenches instead of an awesomely epic twitter feed (and btw, buy my actions and posing guide to awesomely epic poses...)??



DUDE, you aren't perky enough to like do that like... uhh... like awesome... uhh...

Well, like, you know.

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