Friday, September 28, 2012

"NYPD Pattern Of Arresting, Harassing Journalists Continues: Gothamist" Thug Tactics in "Enlightened" New York

Ten months ago Police Commissioner Ray Kelly instructed his department to follow the law and respect the rights of journalists. One month ago, the third installment in a series of sternly worded letters was sent to the NYPD pleading for the department to stop obstructing members of the media from doing their jobs. Yet this weekend, five journalists were arrested covering Occupy Wall Street protesters, while others reported an atmosphere of harassment and intimidation from police officers, including a photographer on assignment for the Associated Press who was shoved and blocked from taking a photo by a Lieutenant in the NYPD's Legal Bureau.

Just remember this is the crap that happens when the mayor is so focused on slurpy sizes and buttered popcorn that the cops become thugs.

Or at least more thuggish.

Gone are the 'heros' of 911.

Replaced by roving gun toting thugs.

My wife will be mad at me for this and try to point out that there are certainly good ones out there.

OK - where are they?
Where are their voices?
Where are they stepping in to eliminate the thuggish behavior of the supposed 'few'?



Enablers are as culpable as the 'enforcers'.

Good Gawd... Just wondered what would have happened to a urnalist who had a 44 OZ Big Gulp too.

Summary execution probably... and its NY, the cop would walk.

(Yeah... I am a bit bitter... sue me.)

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