Thursday, October 04, 2012

INSTITUTIONAL INCOMPETENCE: Maybe the cops shoulda just hit him in the face...

The idea of banning plants looks even more ridiculous when a swat team shows up with a warrant to dig up and confiscate 1624 Daisies that were mistaken for marijuana.  Believe it or not, this actually really happened back in July, but news is just now starting to surface that this wasn’t a successful bust.  At the time when police were first interviewed Staff Sergeant Wes Houston said that “This is a significant bust, given the size of this operation.”  As he greeted reporters he was actually proudly displaying garbage bags full of daises, thinking that he was holding marijuana.

(Can you spot the difference between Marijuana & Montauk daisies?)

Now months later that same officer is talking to reporters again, only this time admitting that the whole raid was a mistake.  This week he told reporters that “In any investigation, police count public safety as our top priority, our decision to seize the plants was made with the best information we had at the time.”

"It has since come forward that “the best information” they had at the time would have been enough to make any sane person think twice before schedualing a raid, or atleast before ripping the garden up. First off this garden is in plan view, in a back yard in a suburban neighborhood where these daisies have been growing for over a decade, obviously not a drug running operation. Ryan Thomas Rockman the owner of the garden had even told the police exactly what the plants were, yet they refused to even investigate any further, and the whole raid squad totally mistook these daisies for marijuana."

These clowns couldn't tell the difference between Daisies and MaryJane?

They should all be fired, sued into oblivion and publicly shamed.

However, they will probably all be commended and given raises.

Incompetence trickles down from the top, you see.

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