Thursday, October 25, 2012

"No photographing cows while driving" - and other laws you should KNOW about your 1st Amendment Rights

No Farm Shots? Driving Shots?

New legislation in a number of states has also criminalized photography and recording of farm activities and in some states makes it illegal to possess and distribute such images and recordings. These bills have been introduced in a number of states including: Indiana (SB 184), Florida (SB 1184/HB 1021), Minnesota (HF 1369/ SF 1118), Missouri (SB 695), Nebraska (LB 915), Illinois (HB 5143), Iowa (HF 589), Utah (HB 187), and New York (S5172). Another Illinois bill (HB 5099) prohibits the use of devices capable of digital photography and videography while operating a motor vehicle.

A very interesting and powerful article on the rights of videographers and photographers in the US.

Read it all...

And ask yourself why the gubment don't want you taking no pitchurs of farms...


WTF is THAT about?

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Unknown said...

The premise is certainly a scary thought as a Floridian, however, I looked up the Florida Senate bill mentioned and there's nothing about photography or video recording that I could find.

I even checked several years previous and there was nothing remotely related.