Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Social Media Isn’t Dead: It’s Boring" - and it shows no signs of getting more interesting soon...

Why Talking About Social Media Got Boring

It’s boring to talk simply about the tools because the tools are just a way to reach people. We can argue the details endlessly (I don’t believe much in Klout, for instance), and we can announce the premature death of Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and whoever. But it doesn’t matter. When we talk about restaurants (the tools), we mostly talk about the food (the content). When we talk about bands (tools), we talk about whether the music resonates (the content). When we talk about a good book (the content), we never ask what type of computer it was written on (the tools).

I think the bloom is off the rose a bit

We got tired of talking about social media about a year ago, but find it harder to talk about the content.

On photographers blogs, the biggest hits come from talking about the cameras and lenses and little bright and shiny things.

Much less discussion on the images themselves.

How reigns supreme.

Why is but a passing interest - but of the more passionate kind.

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