Monday, November 26, 2012

The Online Photographer: The Difference Between a Photographer and an Artist: WTF? No mention of the beret or Snapseed?

Never showing your sh*t is a principle that a great many photographers are violating as a matter of course these days. (I violate it too, but I have to show sh*t in the context of being a de facto teacher. To learn how the machinery works—whether actual machinery or aesthetics—you have to dismantle a lot of images, like medical students dissecting a corpse.) They throw all their stuff up on the web where anybody can see it. It's like letting people paw through your underwear drawer: that should be private. We don't want to see it. (Especially, you need to have an opinion about which shot out of a bunch of tries is the shot. I'm amazed at all the photographers who will put up nineteen versions of the same bleedin' shot on their website. What are you doing? You haven't even done the work of deciding, and you want us to care? Bah.)

I wonder why so many people spend so much time worrying about what other people are doing.

That said, the sentiment of this post is fairly right.

Probably about 93.569%

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