Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally someone does something to help end the long national Instagram Nightmare...

I just didn't think it would be, you know, Instagram who did it!

IN a stroke of genius that can only come from the mind of a bunch of lawyers seeking billable hours, Instagram is now requiring GOVERNMENT issued ID's for some of their most offensive kitty togs.

While I agree that keeping a close government eye on those who abuse the Holga like filters for pictures of their lunches should indeed continue, I worry where it may end?

Yes, of course I want to know the real identity of the guy who photographs his lunch. Every. Single. Day.

Yes, of course DHS should be monitoring over-exposed black and white photographs of laundry for suspected... well, you know what.

Instagram has obviously been turned into a den of suspects and perps, savagely passing inappropriate images of their car keys, and that girl with the very short dress... wait, we need more of those actually... but, you get my drift.

Failure to show the required government papers will mean your Instagram account may be vanquished... along with everything else you hold dear.

OK, I was exaggerating about everything else you hold dear. I just wanted you to feel the terror that is building behind the black helicopters of Facebook.

Be afraid, oh Lomo togginators... be very afraid.

Much More Here on this Serious Social Media Tragedy.

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