Friday, January 11, 2013

"In Which I Confront Content Mill Owners About Their Pay Rates...In Person" - Hmmm... just like micro-stock, I guess

After five years of fighting for better pay for writers, and after looking content-mill owners right in the eye, here’s what I’ve learned:

Content mills aren’t going away.

As long as there are suckers — and I gather there’s one born every minute, just like P.T. Barnum said — and entrepreneurs hoping to exploit them for low-cost labor, mills will continue.

They may not thrive — have you seen Demand Media’s stock lately? — but mills will be around.

As one dies, another is born. Bet on it.


Ain't going away.

I just had a fairly lengthy and at times unpleasant conversation with a client about not using micro-stock for his premium service. I knew the visual he needed and he wanted to just 'find something'.

In the end we went rights-managed - sort of a mid point between microschtock and assignment.

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