Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fair Use vs "Ripped Off"

Sounds like a win for fair use, and the guy who is ripping off images - well - he gonna get his handed to him on a platter. Jerk.
FindLaw's Writ -- Hilden: Perez Hilton, Michelle Malkin, and the "Fair Use" Exception to Copyright Law: "Hilton, meanwhile, has been sued by several photograph agencies, including the prominent X17, for posting copies of their photographs on his site. His attorney, Bryan Freedman, claims, however, that because Hilton writes words on, and/or embellishes, the photographs using white pen before he posts them, his use of the photographs is 'satire,' and thus 'fair use.'

In this column, I'll explain why Malkin prevailed, and Hilton probably will not."

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