Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Darker Side of Big Gubment

Yes, I think that child molesters should be, well, beaten to death with something icky. However, when you have a bunch of morons deciding what is "art", "harmless" or "evil," you get this kind of crap. Look at the image and tell me if it looks like child porn. I can only imagine how dealing with a bunch of non-engaged bureaucrats hell bent on ruining your life so they can move into a bigger office must feel. Sheesh.
How a Photo Can Ruin Your Life - - PopPhotoJune 2007: "Lt. Williams acknowledges that there's a gray area when it comes to interpreting photos of children, and often the kids are taking pictures of each other without their parents' knowledge. His unit frequently determines that pictures referred to them are innocent artistic or family photos, 'but there's very little artistic value in a crotch shot of a 6-year-old girl.' He says his investigators are now seeing pictures of penetration on 2-year-olds.

'We're not trying to pry into people's lives,' he says. 'I wouldn't want the government sticking its nose into my photography, and I don't want to be the one doing it to someone else. But when a picture crosses the line into child abuse, then it's my business.'"

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