Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Social "Voting" sites forever suffer from...

... the human factor. Cheating, aggrandizing, self-serving, partisanship, bullys... That's why I am not enamored of the Digg thing. I think there may be something there in the structure that could work, especially in niches, but this kind of thing just gets in the way of finding what that is. I don't actively hate Digg, I just ignore it for now. (How many 'Cheney gets impeached' stories can you read anyway?)
Digg is Censoring Content by Burying Stories Internally: "We all know that the main reason why stories don't hit the Digg homepage is because they get buried. Some say the buries are caused by specific Digg users who have it out for us while others just blame it on the content saying it wasn't Digg worthy. Well last week we did a test on Pronet Advertising that shows Digg might be burying stories internally."

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