Saturday, May 19, 2007

Four Fun Ideas

Don't you love it when someone does something totally new, makes something we are all so familiar with seem exciting and fresh. Well, check out these four sites that deliver eye candy, information, design and more...
Metropolis Media
If you like Flash done extremely well... You are gonna like this one.

Ethical Problems Ahead...
Here's an interesting take on the ethics of editing a photograph... is even interpolation evidence of image tampering? Where did the other 3 million pixels come from? Very thought provoking and make sure you read it all the way to the end.

A place to read about creativity with an interesting twist. Check it out. Interviews, articles and more on creatives and the process.

Memento Press
Here's a new addition to the handmade, one-off book category. Unique, and handcrafted, the prices are really amazing for the quality. Check them out for possible client holiday gifts, momentos, personal monographs, or sitting on your conference table just ooooooozing credibility.
Spending the day working on a new project that may simply explode everything regarding web sites, personal sites and creativity. I will keep you posted. We are 1 week from Beta launch.

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