Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Peg!

Today is Peggy Lee's Birthday. The "Fever" girl is one of the hottest singers to ever have graced a note. Damn, you gotta listen to the way she takes melody and infuses a sense of swing and sexiness. Here are a few you will love.

Dinah Shore and Peggy Lee... what can I say - this is pretty cool.

Here's Peggy in 1983.

Here's her first real gig... the Benny Goodman band's 'girl singer'.

Man, she swings this. And that guitar player rocks!

And the sultriness that she brings to this standard is amazing.

Happy Birthday Peggy Lee, one of the worlds best song stylists.

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Rick Lee said...

My mother's name is Peggy Lee, but her birthday is in October.