Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nice Site Series: Mark Velasquez

I have found some sites that I think really take a new direction in Photography web site design. Mark Velasquez has a site that really caught my attention.

Here's what I like: Very easy to understand that Mark is a photographer by looking at his front page. He starts right out with a portfolio list and a cool "PHOTO of the Week". Keeping it fresh is very important. The site is also easy on the coding, being totally CSS based, it will be very easy for the search engines to index. Of particular note is the ultra simplicity of the site... no trance inducing Flash, long load times or precious navigation that doesn't seem to make sense. The site is quick loading and easy to navigate. It does have some fun in the portfolios when the pages switch up from horizontal to vertical display, and that can be somewhat distracting, but not in this case.

Overall, the site shows a forward look to the new web, and Mark has presented his work with a clarity and simplicity that lets the images speak for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Mark in the latest issue of jpg magazine. I like this guy. Your pal solodogs!