Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Am So Sorry...

Really. I am. I just couldn't let this pass.
Paris Hilton Anagrams:

LA prison hit.
Rail thin p.o.s.
Trial siphon
I halt prison
Roil in staph
Loin pit rash
I sit on Ralph
Pliant ho, sir
I nip harlots
Hast loin rip
Harlot I spin
Hail! It’s porn!
Train polish
Phat sirloin
Hip oral snit
Oral his pint
Nail this pro
Ah, loin strip
Lost hair pin
A horn pistil
Hail in ports!
Hair lip snot
Tailspin hor
A hip nostril
Ha! Tonsil rip!
Harlots I pin
Sharp oil tin
Ha! I list porn

I apologize deeply and will start to find tomorrows music posts immediately. As soon as I stop laughing.

Did I mention I am truly sorry... ahahahahahaha...

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