Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sunday... must be time for a concert

Today's concert features one of my all time favorite iconoclastic singers, Jerry Jeff Walker. I saw him three times and each time he was more interesting than the time before. One of the mantras of my youth... "If I could just get off that LA freeway without getting killed or caught..." Yes, JJ, I know just what you mean. And that's a story for another time.

"Desperados Waiting for a Train". If you don't get the point of this song... man, I lived this song. "...always wink and give me money for the girls..." Hey Shorty, I miss you man.

"Takin it as it Comes"
Hey, it was the times.

And this touching ballad about lost souls from the south.

And we close with Waylon singin a song that pretty much sums up the way some of us have chosen to go. JJW, Waylon, Willie... man, those were heady times.
It makes me smile to see him so alive in this clip. He loved to live. Catch that young Kristofferson grinning like a cheshire cat through Waylon's solo. That is just contagious.

I have no reason why I chose JJ and Waylon this week. Willie next week... or maybe opera... we'll see.
I just had to add this one. For reasons only a few people will understand, and you know who you are.

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