Saturday, June 16, 2007

Work the Brain - Work the Page

One of the things I appreciate is my NetVibes page. Feeds, feeds, feeds. Time saver extraordinaire. Allowing me to lay out the page and make hierarchical decisions for my own taste. I love it.

I have designed a home page for a photographer (launching hopefully next month) which is very similar. A one page design with content delivered dynamically and the page having only specific areas change upon user decision. Everything on one page.

Jeff Jarvis has some very interesting views on single page experiences. Kill the 'home page' he is saying. While I may not be ready to grab my pitchfork and join the revolt, I do think there are some huge merits to his point.
BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » After the page: "THE VIEWER: So imagine if a site had only one page. You come to that and you can get anything you want there without ever clicking off to another page. Yes, this marks the welcome death of the click and its delays and uncertainties. Now you can get many things on this infinite page. It is a gigantic menu of media. Over here, I’ll put a video of live sports. Then I’ll replace it with a video of a news story. Up with it comes a list of related links and background. Over there, I’ll put a feed of headlines from elsewhere. Down there I’ll have discussion about what’s going on in what I’ve just pulled together. In another dimension of media, I have a separate soundtrack — perhaps my friends talking about the game, maybe music, maybe news. When something new happens in any of these, it will pop to the front and alert me; when it goes stale, it fades into the background. It can all be about one thing — every angle on a story — or it can be about many things and can morph from one view to the other. (And of course, somewhere in all this, there’ll be some new forms of advertising to support it but one hopes that is relevant to me more than my content.)"

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