Saturday, July 07, 2007

Balintore Mermaid: A Story About the Value of an Image

Here's a great little blog to make a favorite. Andy shows real life examples and tells honest stories about shooting freelance and staff. Take a look at this great little post.
"I was initially offered £20 for that photo of the mermaid, and £20 for another photo to run alongside it. The reason? 'We have no editorial budget.' Well you can be sure that all the reporters are getting a proper salary, along with the designers, the guys running the printing press, delivery van drivers, etc. So why do photographers fall outside the budget?

After determining the intended usage of the photo and the distribution of the magazine, I quoted a price of £125 for the full-page picture and £50 for a quarter-page use of the other photo. Those figures were accepted without any haggling or other unpleasantness. Plus I secured a £50 payment for an amateur whose photo was also being used, although that's being invoiced at £75 because the photo was used larger than agreed."

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Andrew Smith said...

Thanks for the link Don. I don't shoot staff though! Frustratingly there's an advert this week for staff photogs for the company that I do most of my newspaper work for, but as I don't currently have my own transport I can't apply for it! Gutted. I do enjoy working freelance but a staff position would suit me much better.