Saturday, July 07, 2007

America's Roadside Bloomery: A Gallery for All of Us

This sounds like a fun project. As soon as it rains and something grows here in the pizza oven we call central Arizona, I will participate. I hope this turns into a great little project with images from all over. Good luck, Floyd.
Fragments from Floyd, Virginia: America's Roadside Bloomery: "It would be neat for contributors from all over the country to offer their images to an aggregate gallery called Unplanted Gardens: America's Roadside Bloomery.

All images would include in their composition a road of some kind, just to place it, and then the wildflowers that grow there unplanted. Hiway department wildflower beds don't count.

Each image should be 72 dpi, max size of 800 pixels on the largest side. Information should minimally include the location, if possible some ID on the flowers, and any other pertinent or interesting information.

If you would like to accept this assignment, send them to me at -- fred1st over at gmail -- with Unplanted Garden in the subject line. I will upload them to a public gallery on Smugmug. I'll collect these through October (there are lots of fall asters, Joe Pye Weed, Iron Weed, etc.) If at least thirty are received, we'll go farther."

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