Friday, July 06, 2007

Where Have All The Pictures Gone?

Scott really nails a significant meme on photographers minds lately. Prints. Are they important? Are they passe? Personally I love the printed image, the feel of the paper the look of the color, the patina...
Visualville: A Photographers Resource: Where Have All The Pictures Gone?: "A fireman once told me that normal folks will only run back into a burning building for one of the three P's... People, Pets and Pictures. Could you lay your hands on 100 meaningful printed images from your life? I doubt if I could."

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Andrew Smith said...

I would happily never do another print. I find the whole process frustrating and unpleasant. Work I've been doing recently for estate agencies has been 100% digital, what a joy!

Plus I've recently started using a high quality flat panel monitor so now prints are even more of a chore. Before at least I had the satisfaction that prints would look better than the on-screen versions, but no printer can match this monitor so prints will never look as good.

Give me a print-free world any day!