Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wah..Wah.. Call him a Wah-mbulanc

I understand copyright. I do. I sympathize with the guy in a way. But the unmitigated arrogance that it would take to want to shut down one of the most popular sites on the internet, indeed all of entertainment, certainly cannot be ignored. I love it so much when people want middlemen to be the gatekeepers. That takes less time. Less effort. "Make them play nice." Wah... Wah...

I say if someone posts the offending piece, sue 'em Tur. Make 'em PAY. You got lauyuhs... got git 'em. But to misunderstand the entire essence of new media, and want to kill it for everyone else? Good grief dude, how do you sit down with balls that size?
The Man Who Could Kill YouTube - Esquire: "Tur wants YouTube shuttered until its parent company, Google, can guarantee his videos and other copyrighted content won't reappear after being taken down. And even if there's a filtering technology out there that really works (despite Google's April announcement of such a technology, Tur is skeptical), he wants a court to say the law doesn't shield YouTube-like services, so he's protected from whatever site becomes the next big thing."
Look, if you find your video there, get the user who did it and sue the crap out of them. It's America dude, you can sue everyone.

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