Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two great software tools

Have you ever wanted to make a screen shot of something you were doing? Maybe to show someone what a proof looks like or how to add a brush to Photoshop? Frustrating, right? No more. And, this is cool, there's one for both Mac and PC. This is amazing technology and you will have a blast with all the things you can do. This one seems to be a winner for me. Free at this time.

The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere.

It’s something we want to give you, along with some online media hosting, to see how you use it. The project will eventually turn into something else.
You have to get this one today! Easy to create an RSS feed from one of your web pages so others can subscribe and be alerted when you add a new pic, news article or whatever. It is free today, then gone. But you should be checking this site daily anyway.
Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily: "RSS Wizard is an HTML to RSS converter than can generate the RSS feed out of virtually any web page without having to edit it first. RSS Wizard generates RSS 2.0 feeds and allows you to create, edit and publish an unlimited number of RSS channels."

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