Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Girls of Rocky Point Mexico 2009-2010 Calendar

This little project is going well. Jim and Jerry have really been knocking themselves out on this. Looks like they have the ladies chosen.

This shoot will be part of the LE Workshop for the end of April. Lighting Essentials Workshop attendees will be able to participate by helping the photographers, working on the sets and even doing a little shooting. It promises to be an exciting weekend. If you are interested in being involved and taking the workshop, see the details here.
Contest Winners for March 14th! | The Girls of Rocky Point Mexico 2009-2010 Calendar:
"Contest Winners for March 14th!

Well guys and gals, it’s a bit late, but here are pics from our winners for the contest on March 14. It was a terrific night, and we heard from guest after guest that Chango’s was the hottest ticket in town that night. Many had been to other clubs before coming to Chango’s, but they STAYED at Chango’s."

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