Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is Street Photography Legal?

Yes. Sigh. When there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, it is legal. In Britain and America and most other western countries. Sigh.
Google Street View Controversy Continues: Is Street Photography Legal?:
"March 23 & 24 2009-- Following the controversy surrounding Google's Street View service, you could be forgiven for thinking that taking - and publishing - identifiable pictures of people in the street without their permission is illegal.

But posting such images on the internet does not pose the same threat, according to the information watchdog."

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Paulo Rodrigues said...

The height of the camera might be problematic. If you have a high hedge or fence you might have a reasonable expectation of privacy, but if the google car overlooks it what then?

Having said that in my old flat, I would get out the shower in the morning and there would be a double decker full of people looking through my front window