Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PDNPulse: Scott Streble's Pro-Bono Portraits of the Unemployed

This is cool. A great idea and a wonderful way to do good by doing good.
PDNPulse: Scott Streble's Pro-Bono Portraits of the Unemployed:
"Photographer Scott Streble kicked off a timely pro-bono project this morning at his studio in Minneapolis. After receiving requests from unemployed friends for portraits they could use on networking sites like LinkedIn, Streble decided to dedicate a day to making free portraits for Minneapolis job seekers.

Throughout the day, Streble has been shooting ten-minute sessions with each sitter. At the end of each session, his assistant burns a disk with a digital file and makes a proof sheet for the subject, who can take the photograph and do what they like with it. Streble hopes the portraits will be of some help for the job seekers."

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