Friday, March 27, 2009

Kountry Keith Photography

Photo by Keith Taylor

This is a great little introspective post by Atlanta photographer Keith Taylor. Read it, he has some perspectives on things we all think about every day. And no Keith, you aren't the only one struggling with this stuff.
Kountry Keith Photography:
"This being the simple act of seeing something great or interesting and then capturing it to share with anybody that cares to see the world through my eyes. No planning out a big shoot, no worrying about things with the shoot going wrong, no spending hours in Photoshop doing post production. Just straight-up photography for fun at that time and not feeling the burden of all that can go along with shooting stuff with my real cameras. Feeling guilty because I need to be doing something business-wise rather than playing with photos I shot “for fun”. Following up with clients, finding new clients, paperwork, etc. All things that are not necessarily fun – but are required if you want to stay in business."
As I said, read the whole thing.

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